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CASE STUDY: Brand Identity Program

Mahtomedi School District

After more than 20 years with its existing logo and brand identity, the public school district was seeking to update its image to reflect the school district’s current mission and vision.

Zetah Design facilitated a series of meetings with a district-developed committee of 16 Mahtomedi School officials and community members to gain consensus as to the mission and personality of the district.

This resulted in the key message of “Individual attention with a world view” which Zetah Design used to develop a new graphic identity and associated communication materials.

“Our school district had the opportunity to work with Peggy Zetah during our district’s significant brand redesign project. Peggy contributed her expertise and inspiration to every facet of the development process. The district, in turn, came away with a fresh, forward-thinking brand identity.”

-Mark Wolak, Superintendent
Mahtomedi Public Schools